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  • n. Plural form of fruitfly.


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  • He reports that there are signs that non-coding DNA in fruitflies is being maintained by natural selection, which indicates that it plays a functional role after all.

    The Memory Hole

  • Rows of jars containing Drosophila, also known as fruitflies, being bred in laboratory conditions. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Please go to your own reference and read what they did to these little fruitflies, OK?

    Bunny and a Book

  • Perhaps that's only because nobody has tested goldfish ¦ the way they have, say, fruitflies.

    Bunny and a Book

  • And then again, don't forget the reason we are discussing fruitflies.

    Bunny and a Book

  • Using technology already in vogue for making transgenic fruitflies (used worldwide by universities doing harmless academic research), Jacobi's team started out making the mosquito they wanted.

    The Perfect Plan

  • Just to clarify, I believe that the “free will” of the fruitflies is thought to have more to do with search strategy in the investigated behaviors, than with predator-prey strategies.

    Of flies and free will - The Panda's Thumb

  • For the love of fruitflies, I just adored the one with Sacajawea on it, I thought it was an honor to the bored gods and everything.

    This One Made Me Laugh

  • Because reducing insulin-like signaling in the neurons of roundworms and fruitflies extends their lifespan, the researchers decided to examine what would happen when they knocked out one or both copies of the Irs2 gene only in the brains of mice.

    I.F., exercise, and longevity

  • Other researchers had shown that reducing the activity of the pathway in roundworms and fruitflies extends lifespan.

    I.F., exercise, and longevity


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