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  • adv. In a frustrating manner; in a manner that causes frustration.


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  • Although there is a taut, spare elegance to her prose, an absence of flourish, this leanness creates a distancing effect that extends to her treatment of her central characters who remain frustratingly opaque.

    Historical Fiction

  • Instead cancer cells — by means that remain frustratingly unclear — create their own network of blood vessels to secure necessary nutrients.

    Good News and Bad News About Breast Cancer

  • She spent a frustratingly long time studying her phrase book before feeling competent enough to ask a man in a uniform where the train was by pointing to a picture of a train in her guidebook.

    Rogue Oracle

  • Our January thaw was frustratingly brief, with just the two days Jan. 1st & 2nd in the 50s, plus a high of 50 on Dec. 31.

    Forecast: Cold to gradually tighten grip

  • You might remember that the Throwback sodas (with cane and beet sugar replacing corn syrup as sweetener) were introduced in a frustratingly short run last Spring.

    Retro Refreshing :

  • Hogwarts was destroyed but quickly fixed with some kind of magic spell or potion which frustratingly will never be used again despite the fact that it's established existence creates a gigantic plot hole in the story. specify

    Update: Hogwarts Not Destroyed | /Film

  • About such drivers of status affluence Mr. Best is frustratingly incurious.

    Why We're All Above Average

  • The more I thought of this scene, the more I realized something – something elusive and yet right in front of me – was missing, though pinning down exactly what I could add to the mix was frustratingly vague.

    Some Thoughts, Part One – Story « The Graveyard

  • Trying to decipher the personality differences of conservatives vs. liberals is fascinating, if frustratingly difficult.

    Matthew Yglesias » Sarah Palin, Disability, and Fair-Weather Small-Government Advocates

  • Even so, ADP said the employment market remains "frustratingly stagnant."

    Stocks Start Firm; Focus on Fed


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