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  • n. Alternative spelling of fuckton.


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  • Wednesday, Mar. 04, 2009, 11: 35 p.m. This entry includes a metric fuck-ton of photos, along with a wicked-long story about how I met the One Who Can Spell.

    bluemeany Diary Entry

  • Speaking of bone claws, didn't Wolverine undergo secondary mutation that made him even more hairy, resulting in the X-Men having to buy liquid plumber by the fuck-ton?

    WOLVERINE #142 Marvel Comics, 1999

  • The Flavor of the Modern Age now dated urgent bingo in which our narrator delivers some snackies, studies German, bounces to La Bumba and gets a fuck-ton of free food - 2002-12-08 - 5: 17 p.m.

    kinaesthesia Diary Entry

  • NASTINCHKA: Hail the return of hand-drawn 2D with a fuck-ton of money behind it.


  • Obviously standalone caption files can be in any format, but if you want to embed your captions as a track within a video container, your choices are limited to the caption formats that the video container supports. imperial fuck-ton of caption formats (i.e. multiply by 9 / 5 and add 32).

    dive into mark

  • Apparently, X-Men Origins: Wolervine director Gavin Hood is currently filming a fuck-ton of reshoots for the movie, and some nerds are worried.

    ShowHype - Top Entertainment News, Videos, and Blogs

  • This would not be the time he asked for more money to do less work but rather when he pulled John into a room to show his former boss how he was going to make a metric fuck-ton of money for the firm, which a profile of P-squared (which, awesomely, is actually what he calls himself):


  • The whole bad language thing in book is particularly stupid because from what I recall of my own school-days, kids were saying a fuck-ton of worse words than “twat” by the time they were ten.

    Warning: Contains Language

  • Avatar, despite grossing a fuck-ton of money, an amount of money that wouldn’t be able to be contained in the actual Titanic, was plotted like a retarded choose-your-own adventure novel.

    Avatar Is About To Surpass Titanic | Manolith


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