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  • n. The abstract quality of being desirable as a lover, especially by virtue of physical beauty


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  • This is a tough one, because we het-men (and even gay men) have been trained very early and very thoroughly to cast the pornographic gaze on women first ... judging her "fuckability" (think about that term before we inquire about anything else).

    Stan Goff: The Weaponized Phallus (and Five Easy-to-Remember Steps)

  • Two comments, neither commenting on the fuckability of above female.

    oh hi I upgraded your RAM – sexy blonde | My[confined]Space

  • Some of us are, you know, related to women and find not much funny about them being reduced to their reproductive organs and/or fuckability.

    Matthew Yglesias » GOP Never Took Yes for an Answer

  • They watch the passers-by and rate each on potential jumping height, carve balance, rail balance, stamina, and fuckability.


  • When Bret spreads his legs he is not entirely kidding, and Jemaine, especially, has perfected his veneer of passive fuckability: staring vacantly into the camera, slack-jawed, caressing himself, bucking his hips and throwing his head back in a "take me" position, he is a perfect caricature of receptive female hotness.

    Frankie Thomas: A Eulogy for "Flight of the Conchords" -- The Best Porn on TV

  • Some mysterious trauma must have caused the illness and not an industry that continually reduces women to parts based on their so-called fuckability.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Ever the businesswoman, though she was hanging at the edge of an orgasm, Milan reminded herself to tout the dual appeal of the heady Japanese fragrance to her patrons…the marvelous scent and the convenient fuckability of the phallic-like container.

    Pure Paradise

  • Female bloggers writing on not-explicitly-feminist sites, even progressive ones, knew that no matter what topic they were addressing, comments would inevitably devolve either into discussions of their fuckability, or of their extreme status as “feminazis.”

    When Trolls Attack « Gerry Canavan

  • This may sound crude, but theyre measuring your fuckability factor.

    Become Your Own Matchmaker

  • Thanks for the context, a friend at work was asking and I hadn't known the exact stuff (just that Pandagon said they were discussing fuckability) because, surprise surprise, no one in the mainstream media had discussed context!

    Comments On Don Imus Debacle


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