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  • n. Alternative spelling of fuck buddy.


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From fuck + buddy.


  • It's a road trip story, with a first-person female narrator who with her fuckbuddy Schwartz encounters an Iraq war deserter named Sanchez -- a relative of the Gen. Sanchez disgraced by the Abu Ghraib tortures -- who wants to be driven to Juarez to this camp where Kellogg Root Brown guys and other deserters are training Mexicans for the war on terror or something.

    Literary Death Match: Wednesday Night in Washington Square Park

  • I mean, if you have a good fuckbuddy relationship going, why would you advertise in the swingers 'board, where by all accounts you have to sift through thousands of horny males and loser couples to find a decent hookup - and if not, why would you both make this into some sort of strange communal project?

    Netflix Hates Me

  • Thing is, being in this febrile mindset, over the Christmas period I got to thinking about just how many heroes of myth were basically gay as a yellow duster, from Gilgamesh with his little furry fuckbuddy Enkidu onwards.

    Archive 2005-01-01

  • Anyway, regarding little Ricky, I'm sure the news of his impending resignation will come as a shock to his erstwhile fuckbuddy colleague Katherine "Pontoons" Harris.

    Archive 2007-04-22

  • First of all, you can only call someone a fuckbuddy if you know the limits.


  • He then said something like, I have myself recently begun barebacking again with a fuckbuddy in upstate New York.

    Archive 2005-11-01

  • Mike is telling us in the car on the way back about his roommate, Jessica, and how Jessica's occasional fuckbuddy, David, slept with a friend of hers, so she's pissed off.

    Cat Rambo

  • A good friend of mine, an ex-fuckbuddy, from LA called me yesterday.


  • The following full minute of takes, double-takes, and triple-takes as everybody at the table assesses everyone else as a potential fuckbuddy is one of the funniest minutes of television ever.


  • And I'll probably eventually get organized enough to plan another trip to see that midwestern fuckbuddy soonish.



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