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  • n. A receiver of copulation, one who is fucked.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fuck +‎ -ee


  • It could have been really interesting had the instructions been, If you could fuck anyone on LJ, who would you fuck and why? because then we'd at least see the nature of the attraction and what specific part of the fuckee is fuckable, leading to mildly entertaining reading.

    Choking On The Wrong Meat

  • As for the fuckee, aka Mom, she liked dope a lot more than she liked Chon, and Chon gets this totally—he likes dope a lot more than he likes her.


  • If I were a Street Fighter character, my special move would be the classic “Fuck You (middle finger straight up) and The Horse You Rode In On (middle finger pointed towards the fuckee and repeat thrust)” maneuver.


  • The Romantic aesthetic is brought back into play, as writers attempt to fuse the two aesthetics, to create a Rationalist Romance; the Gothic Romance and the Victorian Social Realist novel make fuckee-fuckee in the minds of unashamed synthesists.

    Notes from New Sodom: Down in the Ghetto at the SF Café

  • He just wants to make fuckee-fuckee with you, with everyone and anyone.

    Cultural Appropriation

  • Douglas Hord: and then punished you james87106: we continued visiting, with people in the bar, and the potential fuckee and his partner leave at some point.

    madrigle Diary Entry

  • Douglas Hord: oh my james87106: so I go to the bathroom and I walk out and WHO was sitting next to bob? james87106: oh yes, that's right, non other then mr. potential fuckee!

    madrigle Diary Entry

  • Name Neil Bush's religion--besides Asian prostitutes, he believes in them--they answer his prayers by knocking on his hotel room door in the middle of the night and offer him "flee fuckee, meesir Bush?"


  • June 13th, 2006 at 9:59 am ex-wankette is a butt-fuckee, not butt-fucker

    Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: Who’s Laughing Now

  • The question most asked by codels was, where can a congressman get an absolutely perfect blow job, or some incredible fuckee-fuckee.

    Rogue Warrior


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