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  • adv. Fucking, extremely (as an intensifier).


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fucking +‎ -ly


  • The Brick has some scary, shitty ass, butt-fuckingly ugly furniture so this goes well with the theme.

    That dude from the Brick ads is creeping me the fuck out

  • Stirling: It's easy to understand why people want crises when you think about how dog-fuckingly boring most people's lives are.

    The Condition of Atemporality

  • According to a government report published two years earlier (in the head-fuckingly titled Second Brain Report), there were 753 known drug addicts in the UK.


  • NOT GOOD for young women's development, but it's also something more mind-fuckingly bizarre than even David Lynch could come up with.


  • At last, they've made DRM so obnoxious, intrusive and butt-fuckingly annoying that even the average Joe will become enraged at the audacity of the thing.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • While they're at times mind-fuckingly bizarre, they're also extraordinarily simplistic and custom-crafted for his sycophants -- almost as if M.C. Escher had drawn coloring books.

    The Full Feed from

  • It was all so mind-fuckingly surreal, ethereal and a trip!


  • While this sound/member expansion will probably shit in the boots of a handful of their foundation fans, I, personally, don't think they've ever sounded as gut-fuckingly raw, nor delivered their music in such a brutally forthright method.

    Polaroids of Androids - Latest

  • And this woman, and her accomplices, are truly mind-fuckingly evil shits.

    Planet Atheism

  • And what's the fun of rooting for a team that's "just decent" as opposed to "really fucking good" or "skull-fuckingly bad"?

    Bugs & Cranks


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