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  • n. A very stupid or annoying person.


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  • Amid frantic behind the scenes activity last night, the government issued an 'F-Notice', designed to alert the media that a senior security official has been identified as a 'fucknut'.


  • ** Or, more likely, having someone who isn't a semi-literate racist fucknut reading this to you.

    You Gotta Taunt A Fascist Or Two

  • "Or, more likely, having someone who isn't a semi-literate racist fucknut reading this to you."

    You Gotta Taunt A Fascist Or Two

  • But I am not wasting another second of my life trying to prove to some unknown admissions fucknut that I am good enough to slave for them for 5 years.


  • I almost got wiped out in Bike-Friendly College Town by a fucknut that refused to concede that a car AND a bicycle cannot both occupy a single traffic lane at the same time.

    Rude and obnoxious goddamned neighbors

  • During my rant the other day about not being funded again for a new investigator grant, I mentioned that the fucknut reviewers who had failed to see the brilliance in my recent proposal noted that I had not received any independent funding and that I had only shown preliminary data to demonstrate that 75% of my specific aims would be proven.

    Criteria for getting funded as a new/early career investigator

  • She has refused some Jew hating fucknut by the name of Ibrahim Moussawi a visa, thus barring him from coming to the UK.

    Jacqui Smith and an infinite number of monkeys.

  • Although credit where credit is due she did kick out islamic fucknut called Ibrahim Moussawi,but I shall negate that off the score sheet for kicking outGeert Wilders.

    Jacqui Smith - We pay for her hubby to view porn: Okay I will call it "Wankgate."

  • Ian Gilmore illiberal fucknut- another New Labour puritan.

    Pubs in Parliament - crossposted from Brew Wales.

  • A doff of the trilby hat toBristol Davewe has spotted an illiberal fucknut and holder of a very small penis; and so over to Dave who rips him a new blowhole:

    Martin Plant illiberal fucknut.


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