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  • n. Plural form of fuckstick.


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  • This focus group must have been the same fucksticks that screened Vacancy.


  • I will say that one big problem seems to be fucksticks who register domains like cryharderfaggot.

    A Modest Proposal For The Auto Industry: Stop Building Cars

  • Not to forget the twitching of fingers, longing for the Remington, when I see fucksticks looting their neighbors and their neighborhood stores.

    outfoxed Diary Entry

  • We keep hiring mongoloid fucksticks, and I thought for sure the good agents would get frustrated and quit because they're tired of fixing all the mongoloids 'mistakes.

    idiot-milk Diary Entry

  • They also watched as not one single one of you fucksticks went to his aid, either.

    Pat Dollard | Young Americans

  • And now here YOU are, all of you self-righteous fucksticks who decided that abstract ideals were more important than flesh and blood and bone, whining and bitching endlessly about the very hell you've descended upon us. antiproton 6 points 13 hours ago antiproton 6 points 13 hours ago what's new online!

  • I'm sick of it Raw ... your staff people are a bunch of censoring motherfucking bitch ass Tampax sucking cockmongering fucksticks.

    Raw Story

  • Sure they're a self-loathing unappreciative bunch of fucksticks matter what happens to their sports teams or how many championships they win.


  • Sure they're a bunch of self-loathing unappreciative fucksticks no matter what happens to their sports teams or how many championships they win.


  • Let the greedheads at Fox take one series; the fucksticks at TBS take another series; the assheads at ESPN the third series; and some other station (I think you can find one, right?) the fourth series.

    Bugs & Cranks


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