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  • adj. fantastic or marvelous in a sexual way


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fuck +‎ -tastic


  • I think this whole iPhone fucktastic media push has forced you to neglect us loyal professionals and academics who love out Macs.

    The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Hate mail

  • The way these chicks jill each other is simply fucktastic! Quality Porn Links

  • The really funny part is that when Cameron commented about how dumb John was being - while on his bed with him and stripped down in her most fucktastic outfit to date, which makes me think my prediction that John and Cameron ultimately get it on is still in play - she had no idea exactly how dumb John was about to be.

    Premium Hollywood - Entertainment blog, Hollywood blog, movie blog, TV blog

  • Virgins no more, the motley crew of fags (all played by different actors except for Blechman's nelly queen) travel to Fort Lauderdale-think Fire Island as reimagined by Rainbow Brite-for a fucktastic spring break that ends with trite lessons learned about monogamy, ostracism, and the sparring ways of the heart and hole.

    Seattle Weekly | Complete Issue

  • Is there anything about McPOW's campaign that hasn't been a complete clusterfuck of fucktastic magnitude?

    Balloon Juice

  • Or to paraphrase PP- Fuck fuck fucking fucken papers FUCK! fuckityfuck fucktastic grants up-the-fuck-wackaloon fuck-yeah.


  • Yo Regretsies, I’m really happy for you, omelet you finish, but April Winchell has one of the best websites of all time, so wouldn’t it be fucktastic to see her on TV and add to your whimsicle diet of crap?

    Regretsy – Smears and Roebuck

  • I realize it’s 7 PM and the fucktastic festivities have begun!

    Regretsy – From the Mailbag


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