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  • n. A very stupid person.


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From fuck + wit


  • Faith in a black, Democratic president to be marginally better than a fascist fuckwit is not the same thing as faith in YHWH, Jesus Christ or Allah, but what they share makes for a good base line.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • But i think u carnt change the outfit to much either coz thats the robocop we we love they will probably turn him into some slim lookin fuckwit like ironman.

    Darren Aronofsky Almost Confirmed for RoboCop Reboot «

  • I may be somewhat easy, but I am not without a modicum of self respect. watch me as I choose to sleep with an uneducated redneck over you, simply on the grounds that he's too much of a gentleman to say such things in my general vicinity. that in itself makes the 30-minute drive a non-issue. your pool table and your parents 'money do nothing for me the way his shitty crack shack does. silly little fuckwit. speaking of fuckwits, isn't it funny how WRITING the word fuckwit is so much more funny than SAYING it? go on! say it! isn't it weird and retarded? ps: the funk is gone.

    dragonwench Diary Entry

  • Because, no, you fuckwit, that is not what we're doing with healthcare reform and not why we need it.

    American Health Care

  • Holding the phone tight to his right ear, smashing his fleshy earlobe, the way she said "fuckwit," and other combination specialties, over and over, and how much he wanted her as though she were illegal.

    The New Wife

  • The problem I foresee for me is trying to restrain my urge to call a little kid a "fuckwit" if he or she tries to take my kid's crayons or toys.

    he was no saint, and slew no dragon

  • People swear, my MOM swears, this is how real people talk -- it ain't quite as pretty as how the professionally trained pundits and journalists and politicians speak, but I'm still not quite sure how my saying "fuckwit" is worse than outing a CIA agent or cutting VA funds during a war or stop-lossing National Guardsmen.

    I Stand With Amanda

  • I like Astroprof's suggestion.. and the term 'fuckwit' is brilliant!

    Hold On

  • I'm so glad that you discovered the word 'fuckwit' sounds to be as though you're going to need to be using it a lot over the next two weeks!

    Hold On

  • Thanks to Claire for the use of the word "fuckwit".

    Sunday Thoughts


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