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  • n. Agent noun of fudge; one who fudges.


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  • We've got ourselves another CEO resume fudger folks.

    CNN Transcript Feb 16, 2006

  • 'Don't ask, don't tell' training gives chaplains option of leaving Charitable giving stabilizes as organizations 'stop the bleeding' For some Christians, only the King James version of Bible will do 'Chronic fudger' tries a year without deception, learns about faith As other denominations shrink, Seventh-day Adventism finds new members Does life have a meaning and if so, what purpose do humans serve in it? Front Page

  • Clause Four was a brilliant fudge - the brainchild of that master fudger, Sidney Webb.

    New Statesman

  • Enlarge This young girl, starring as Tony Montana's wife, tells her on-stage husband: 'I'm leaving you mother-fudger'

    Home | Mail Online

  • "You do coke and you kill people, that's wonderful Tony," before telling him "I'm leaving you, mother fudger."

    Pop Crunch

  • Unfortunately, Inhofe is so far divorced from reality that it’s inlikely that he can correctly identify who is and is not a liar, so there’s a very high probability that a) President Obama is not a liar at all and b) every Republipimp in the room with Inhofe at any given time is, if not an out and outlier, a fudger of small and large truths.

    Think Progress » Inhofe calls Obama a great liar, says ‘most’ of State of the Union speech ‘wasn’t true.’

  • ”What’s Millicent going to do?” the fudger mutters.

    Author! Author! » 2009 » August

  • They've been building this shit up for months, Olivia better smash it gangstER style or i'm gonna be one mad mother-fudger! rncubfan (3 posts) on April 16, 2009 - 10: 20am. - Because visibility matters


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