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  • ® ProStar® is currently the industry's Class 8 leader in fuel efficiency and aerodynamics and this project positions Navistar to take its leadership to the next level. "

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  • "Navistar is proud of its fuel efficiency leadership and we're delighted to work with the DOE on a project that will improve truck and trailer aerodynamics and reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil," said Dee Kapur, president, Navistar Truck Group.

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  • Seaquest Uvj2& marginally smaller than her predecessor, more economical on space to maximise fuel efficiency and endurance, but with a displacement of a little over seven thousand tons she was still one of the largest research vessels afloat, and it took them a good five minutes to reach the upper accommodation deck.

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  • Department of Energy (DOE) to pioneer new fuel efficiency and emissions-reducing technologies.

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  • The new, advanced technology CFM-56 engines significantly increased the aerial refueling capacity of the aircraft and reduced its maintenance costs with improvements in fuel efficiency and other subsystems.

    Strategic Air Command: People Aircraft and Missiles 2nd Edition

  • Not only was the Bandeirante attractively priced and financed, but, according to one industry analyst, its design was optimized for tropical conditions and could therefore operate in Brazil with as much as 15% more fuel efficiency than comparable U.S. aircraft.

    Strategic Management in Developing Countries Case Studies

  • United Parcel Service, or UPS, has launched trucks with hydraulic hybrid technology that are supposed to “increase fuel efficiency by 60–70% in urban use and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, compared to UPS’s conventional diesel delivery trucks.”


  • Most KC-135 A are being refitted with CFM International F108-CF-100 engines (redesig-nated KC-135R), which give the aircraft a much needed 60 percent increase in take-off thrust while improving fuel efficiency by 27 percent.

    Strategic Air Command: People Aircraft and Missiles 2nd Edition


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  • "I have an advertisement in front of me extracted from the Daily Telegraph of 20 October 1983, four years after the revolution in Iran raised oil prices to the equivalent of $80 a barrel. After boasting about reaching a 'speed that's well above the legal limit' (the regulation of advertisements has improved a little since then), Peugeot claimed that its new 205 diesels 'are the world's first production cars to do over 72 miles per gallon at a steady 56mph'. This suggests, if true, that a car sold twenty-three years ago was 40 per cent more efficient than the best the mass market has to offer today: the Prius manages just 51 miles per gallon on highways. But the illegal speeds that Peugeot's 205 diesels could reach just aren't high enough for the freedom-seekers of the twenty-first century. Average fuel efficiency in the European Union has improved slowly: by 8 per cent since 1995. In the United States it has deteriorated. In 1988 the average mileage per gallon of cars and light trucks was 22.1. Today it is 20.8. This is 17 per cent worse than the Model T Ford, which - in 1908 - managed 25 miles to the gallon. The Ford Expedition, one of the best-selling lines today, achieves 15.5."
    - 'Heat', George Monbiot.

    February 19, 2008