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  • In resource- and fossil fuel-rich Alaska, Tanana residents are paying more than seven times the national rate for their electricity and are shipping in diesel fuel to heat their buildings and water.

    Bill Chameides: Tanana -- Tiny City in Yukon Takes a Giant Renewable Step

  • The Utica Shale is deeper than the Marcellus Shale, a fuel-rich formation that brought drillers rushing to states like Pennsylvania.

    Traders Target EV Energy as Gas Fever Hits Ohio

  • But, no doubt, a small fuel-rich galaxy probably some type of spiral or disk galaxy is being accreted onto the elliptical.

    Ring of Stars in Centaurus A Uncovered | Universe Today

  • SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt -- Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif said the Middle East could benefit from having as much of the region's petrodollars as possible invested in the area, where some question how widely the benefits of the oil boom have been felt beyond its fuel-rich states.

    Nazif Wants Oil Money to Stay Put

  • Right now, for instance, solar panels, they cost about 10 times as much as fossil fuels, which means that fuel-rich Westerners will have them on their rooftops, mainly to show how good people they are.

    CNN Transcript Jun 15, 2008

  • You want to do it in a way that will allows it to shut off in a fuel-rich way -- in other words, lean it out gradually -- that particular sensor failed.

    CNN Transcript Jul 13, 2005

  • It's packed with fuel-rich explosives that creates intense heat and pressure.

    CNN Transcript Mar 3, 2002

  • The 2,000 - pound laser guided thermobaric bomb digs deep into the earth and then disperses its fuel-rich explosive into surrounding caves and tunnels.

    CNN Transcript Mar 3, 2002

  • Despite Ottawa's conciliatory approach toward the mineral and fuel-rich Arctic region, however, Canadians have adopted a confrontational stance.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • But Mr Fisk told AAP on Sunday that though the mine was now inert it was "fuel-rich inert". | Top Stories


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