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  • adj. Without fuel.


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fuel +‎ -less


  • Some of these devices have been reportedly made to be “self-runners”: Powering themselves from their own electrical output; creating self-contained “fuelless” electrical and/or torque generating systems ….

    Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement

  • The green energy and the savings from fuelless power would be of interest to developed countries as well.

    Floating Wind Turbine Platform | Impact Lab

  • Only to have her only chance at taking the lead back in the last two laps effectively stolen by a late yellow flag (which probably also allowed the near-fuelless leader to practically coast to a win).

    grouse Diary Entry

  • In this nearly fuelless land they cooked on glowers.

    The Day of Their Return

  • "Did you hear what the SOS said about a fuelless drive?"

    Cities In Flight

  • With a few _ffuts_ accumulators, charged from any handy power source, you can build fuelless military vehicles, which would simplify your logistics immensely.


  • Elizabeth's perfidious warning inflamed her imagination as to the fate of hoarders, and all the time Elizabeth's own cellars were glutted, though she had asserted that she was almost fuelless.

    Miss Mapp

  • WITTS demonstrates self-running 2000 watt fuelless generator - Articles related to Samsung's 1st 4G iPhone and 1st LTE 4G netbook

  • I am an engineer, I have seen lab scale versions of fuelless energy generation, and I believe it.

    Latest Articles

  • That is a nice arcane lie to spout and hope no one bothers to research the facts, so that will work for you guys for at least a few weeks, before it is so thoroughly debunked that you have to tap dance into another lie for why we should keep paying the Petroluem corporations to poison us when we can build machines to provide fuelless energy now.

    New Scientist - Earth


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