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  • n. Plural form of fuhrer.


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  • Yet Machiavelli for the most part didn't ADVOCATE assassination, slaughter and other atrocities favored by warlords and fuhrers.

    A few thoughts on relationships

  • By our own standards any country or group of pissed off folks can now pre-emptively attack America without breaking any of herr fuhrers rules.

    Think Progress » Bolton: ‘This is Put Up or Shut Up Time For Iran,’ Unilateral Military Action Is ‘On The Table’

  • Which may be harder on our commentators, but still nicely exemplifies the ragged, jury-rigged hand of evolution as opposed to the regimented, lock-step approach of the fuhrers of “design.” bill

    Acts Have Consequences - The Panda's Thumb

  • Single-party leadership of any political form and colour through inevitable caste egoism foists and accumulates misbalance in the whole society and economy, provokes crises and dangerous regime changes (revolutions, dictatorship) and through the paranoia of "the fuhrers" it causes wars.


  • Likewise, fuhrers and tyrants have obeyed similar psychological dictates.

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  • Why are our green fuhrers so happy to hurt humans to "save" an inanimate planet?


  • Appointing really smart fuhrers who would tell us what to do.

    Classical Values

  • America still respects a macho or driven leader, but the Europeans like faceless paper-pushers and are afraid of possible fuhrers.



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