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  • Well or nobly born.


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  • They don't spring full-born from the aisles of Safeway in a shrink-wrapped plastic tray, but from animals that were shot in the head and then cut up.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • I just had a full-blown, vitally important, totally kick-ass scene leap full-born into my head, replete with screaming, yelling, frothing, paw-wringing and pathos.

    geek! geek! geek!

  • If the airplane engine white noise does its usual trick for me, one of those story ideas may be full-born by the time we land in Gatwick.

    State meme

  • Out of the head of Zeus, full-born, and clad in armor.

    Steve Silberman's Interview with Robert Hunter from Poetry Flash

  • This was something springing full-born out of nothing!

    Initials Only

  • JULIE GERBERDING, CDC DIRECTOR: The earlier we get into the mind frame of fighting against this infectious disease, the better off we'll be when it is a full-born summer months and the mosquitoes are about.

    CNN Transcript May 26, 2003

  • Then, abruptly, the hypothesis and the mathematicians had their first innings; From the many pages of symbols and the mumbled discussions of the possible field-strength of a single electronic pole in rotation, the DillonWagonner gr'vitron polarity generator-almost immediately dubbed the "spindizzy" in honor of what it did - to electron rotation-sprang as if full-born.

    Cities In Flight

  • Ere Christianity dispelled the fables of divine descent, the pedigree of the monarch was always to be traced to Woden, and after the demi-god was no longer revered, the first of earthly families and "full-born" blood was seen in him.

    Coronation Anecdotes

  • Jean had ridden over that morning on her way to town to spend the night with a friend, and Virginia's plan had sprung full-born like Athena from the head of Zeus.

    Virginia of Elk Creek Valley

  • So the Adonis bursts full-born from the precipices of the Lebanon; so the blue river of Ibreez leaps in a crystal jet from the red rocks of the Taurus; so the stream, which now rumbles deep underground, used to gleam for a moment on its passage from darkness to darkness in the dim light of the Corycian cave.

    Chapter 36. Human Representatives of Attis


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