from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having full flesh; corpulent.


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  • Major characters are more likely to show up full-fleshed and personable from central casting, with their ID card and paperwork.

    i smoke my friends down to the filter

  • Then she appears, in the present, as a flirtatious, full-fleshed blonde with a kewpie-doll smile and flashing eyes that can't conceal a fugitive sadness.

    Harry Potter and the Fantastic Finale

  • Edna found the manager of the Loops a full-fleshed, heavy-jowled man, bushy of eyebrow and generally belligerent of aspect, with an absent-minded scowl on his face and a black cigar stuck in the midst thereof.

    Amateur Night

  • The style would be wonderful on a busty, curvy, full-fleshed woman -- fitted enough and not too strained with the attention focused on the good parts.

    My Space Opera Fantasies Are Elaborate And Unfulfilled - A Dress A Day

  • I'm just curious if they try to make a full-fleshed episode as we would see on HBO, or if its a more stripped down version.

    Pilot set to begin production soon

  • “Though he is more massively built than the typical nomad sheikh, he has the characteristics of the well-bred Arab, the strongly marked aquiline profile, full-fleshed nostrils, prominent lips and long, narrow chin, accentuated by a pointed beard,” observed a British official in Basra at that time.

    The Prize

  • The characters are delightful, and complicated, but not full-fleshed.

    inkblurt · Strange, et al

  • The full-fleshed, deep-chested, rich body of the man made her feel dizzy.

    The Plumed Serpent

  • The skin-white, full-fleshed walls of the archway were dappled with green lights that danced in and out among themselves.

    The Trespasser

  • She was an elegant young woman of fastidious habits, quick to find fault, and unlike her full-fleshed sister-in-law, she had not let childbirth deprive her of her willowy form.

    Conqueror's Moon


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