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  • adj. Completely furnished wiith men, as a ship.


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  • Republic which had known how to divert the moneys that should have gone to the making of a Cyprian Marine, while tickling their love of splendor with some outward show -- yet had kept the island kingdom from appreciating this great need, by the readiness with which full-manned

    The Royal Pawn of Venice A Romance of Cyprus

  • He told them he should choose a station where he could not fail of meeting with them; and though they were stout ships and full-manned, yet, if his own people behaved with their accustomed spirit, he was certain he should prove too hard for them both, and that one of them at least could not fail of becoming his prize.

    Anson's Voyage Round the World The Text Reduced

  • "No, my dear, I'm not leaving a full-manned yacht in a foreign harbor and smuggling myself out of a friendly country on the say-so of an unknown adviser, whose chief ability seems to lie in the hundred-yard dash."

    The Unspeakable Perk

  • We, according to our Owners 'orders to keep our Ships full-manned, whether the War continued or not -- and, oh, how we cursed this plaguey Peace!

    The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous, Vol. 3 of 3 Who was a sailor, a soldier, a merchant, a spy, a slave among the moors...

  • The lugger was full-manned; for they were like bees swarming on her forecastle when we were dropping foul.

    The Wing-and-Wing Le Feu-Follet

  • I was upon the point of turning round, and seeking the nest where I had left my dove sleeping in conscious security, when, to my horror, I beheld the _Eos'_ pinnace, full-manned and double-banked, the wave foaming up her cutwater, and roaring under her sixteen oars, rapidly round the rocky hummock that formed the eastern horn of the little bay.

    Rattlin the Reefer

  • But during the night she escaped from me between here and A-lur, and I have but just sent three canoes full-manned in search of her. "

    Tarzan the Terrible


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