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  • The cadaver-livestock tests did confirm that bullets encased in metal—so-called full-metal jackets—tended to cause less serious injuries than bullets that had lead exposed.

    The Gun

  • Each episode will capture a full-metal joust, where two men charge at each other at 30 miles an hour hoping to take their opponent down.

    Exclusive First Look: History Channel's Full Metal Jousting Serves Up a "Devastating Hit"

  • In my opinion these premium bullets act more like full-metal jacketed bullets on deer.

    Very Little Drops Dead

  • While at first he thought it was funny that Dad had braces too, he quickly realized I ' d gotten the clear braces; his are full-metal jacket.


  • Thompson and La Garde produced their tools: a collection of common pistols of the timeiv and assorted cartridges, some with full-metal jackets, others with lead points, and one with a cupped front end that its salesmen dubbed “the Man-stopper.”

    The Gun

  • Unsurprisingly, when called on his buffoonery by CC HQ and its loyal minions, Blogging Tory "Alberta Ardvark" clutches a handful of pearls and goes full-metal comment moderation and deletion.

    We are CC, the great and powerful.

  • Quite so, Balby, except nothing requires you to go full-metal Oprah Winfrey/Andrew Sullivan hairshirt-rending weepy about it.

    The end of the innocence.

  • Blogging Tory Richard Ball goes full-metal teary-eyed over someone he's never met:

    And we'll never forget ... uh, what's her name.

  • Blogging Tory "The Raging Tory", who almost certainly knows nothing whatsoever about biological evolution but whose suffocating ignorance has never stopped him before, goes full-metal, panty-tugging drama queen:

    And there's that germ theory of disease, too.

  • That sound you hear is heads exploding all over the wankosphere as they descend into full-metal, frothing ragegasm.

    Cue the shrieking in 3, 2, 1 ...


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