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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of fuller.


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  • -- Left fore hoof of regular form, shod with a plain "fullered" shoe.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • She stood well back from the forge, watching as Belan turned hot iron on the anvil and, with deft hammer blows, fullered the circular shape into a thinner and broader form.

    The Shadow Sorceress

  • He brings the hammer down on the fullered iron, and the hot set cuts through the iron that is almost parchment thin.

    The Magic Engineer

  • Setting aside the plate-thickness chunk, he retrieves the piece fullered to the proposed thickness of his shield and sets it on the anvil's cutting edge.

    The Magic Engineer

  • Next, using glancing blows on the end of the fullered rod, he begins to upset the end that will fit into the swage die.

    The Magic Engineer

  • Next comes the flatter, and the quick blows to smooth the fullered iron.

    The Magic Engineer

  • Then he sets the fullered bar in the forge to heat, while he takes the tongue and heats it almost to white-hot before removing it and using the hammer to scarf the contact points and upset the edges where he will wrap the bar stock.

    The Magic Engineer

  • When he is done, he sets the fullered and ordered iron on the back edge of the forge to anneal, and searches for another chunk of scrap.

    The Magic Engineer

  • When leaf spring or other heavy metal is used, the stock must be fullered.

    Chapter 10

  • And so, having turned the laugh in his favour by his merry way of taking it, he cracked his whip, and away they flew to make London under the five hours; while Jack Harrison, with his half - fullered shoe in his hand, went whistling back to the forge.

    Rodney Stone


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