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  • n. Plural form of fulminate.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fulminate.


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  • It is that kind of thing, she fulminates, that is causing the country to descend into a sinkhole of corruptions.

    Blog and Mablog

  • The international community is outraged and fulminates against this latest incident.

    Global Voices in English » Japan: Missile Launched. What to Believe?

  • Although he fulminates increasingly about American politicians and capitalism, he doesn't reveal to his parents that he left England embittered and disillusioned with London.

    Filial Piety Made New

  • "It's better that people who actually do understand the economy be on the panel than someone who just fulminates," he says.

    Paul Krugman, incensed and insistent about our economic ills

  • "There's obviously been a mistake," the Deacon fulminates as the boxes arrive.

    Theater review of 'Sanctified' at the Lincoln Theatre

  • While Washington fulminates against Iran, Burma, and China over human rights, it says nothing about client Egypt, where all elections are rigged, regime opponents brutally tortured, and political opposition liquidated.

    Eric Margolis: Egypt: The Next Volcano?

  • Obama can't make any appointments, one points out, because as an alien, he isn't really president; another points out that it's all illegal immigrants 'fault (whatever it is) l while a third fulminates against socialism and revels that Republicans are getting their testosterone back.

    TPMDC Morning Roundup

  • The biggest fear at Toronto was that while Washington fulminates against China, it was doing nothing to curb its mammoth debt, and continuing to inflate the debt bubble, thus endangering the world economy.

    Eric Margolis: The World's Biggest Debtor Urges More Debt

  • While the western media fulminates against Taliban's or Iran's treatment of women, a leading British medical journal reports an estimated 40,000 Indian women are burned alive each year by their in-laws to grab their dowries.

    Eric Margolis: A PASSAGE TO INDIA

  • Lou Dobbs still fulminates about it most evenings on CNN.

    The Question Remains


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