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  • n. Alternative spelling of fume hood.


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  • I usually listen to my Escape Artist podcasts while working in a fumehood with big currents of air rushing everywhere so even with the volume turned up full, I lost some of the quieter portions of the dialogue =

    PodCastle » PodCastle 56: Shard of Glass

  • Warning: This should be done outside or in a fumehood due to the toxic gases that may be formed under certain conditions. - Business News

  • Warning: Thionyl Chloride is EXTREMELY toxic and this experiment must be performed in a fumehood by an experienced chemist with proper safety precautions. - Articles related to 'Safe' ciggies as hazardous as tobacco

  • I used propanethiol sometimes and i've always tried to wash all the glassware in the fumehood but i realise even when u soak in bleach it doesnt remove the stink immediately … like probably have to soak for a few days.

    Org Prep Daily

  • That was an incredibly stupid thing to do (tossing the tip outside of the fumehood)!

    Org Prep Daily


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