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  • n. Plural form of fume.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fume.

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  • n. gases ejected from an engine as waste products


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  • The fumes from the Shuttle SRBs must have clouded your thinking on such topics.

    Ares Troubles Mount - NASA Watch

  • I'm not sure riding or walking underneath an elevated structure and breathing diesel fumes is that attractive to pedestrians or bicyclists.

    Sidewalks Not Sufficient for Cyclists in SODO « PubliCola

  • Not to say that Dharavi is a paradise or even pleasant to live in -- the toxic fumes from the plastics recycling plants are reason enough to want to raise your children elsewhere -- but that, as compared to government schemes to cram poor people into tower-blocks, Dhravi has a lot going for it.

    Boing Boing

  • The small unseen, unnoticed fumes from the charging process are increadably corrosive on braided lines.

    Save money on fishing line

  • The odor of the fumes is so strong that I start a couple of oscillating fans to clear the fumes out of the house, that doesn't seem to affect the effectiveness of it.

    Now it's Dengue/Breakbone Fever

  • Dust covers the entire city; the smell of diesel fumes is pervasive no matter where you go; there are ruins and debris everywhere you look; and the trees are all destroyed (either cut down for fuel or by the Soviets years earlier to thwart snipers who used them for cover).

    Khaled Hosseini - An interview with author

  • The powerful menthol fumes from the Vicks hardly masked the sickening reek of death in the old warehouse, that seemed to permeate every olfactory nerve in my body.

    A DAY AT THE FUR AUCTION • by Stephen Taylor

  • Solvents are either "bagged" (sprayed in a plastic bag placed over the head) or "huffed" (inhaled fumes from a solvent-soaked cloth).

    Freon Abuse

  • Is it the meth, the chewing tobacco, or the fumes from the used underpants of your jailed heroes, like Scott Roeder, that you like to buy?

    Think Progress » GOP lawmaker shrieks ‘baby killer’ at pro-life Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak.

  • The Dupont Circle burger joint forced to close its doors after a D.C. law firm complained that fumes from the restaurant's grill were making employees ill, has found a new home.

    D.C. burger joint finds new home


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