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  • n. Plural form of functionalist.


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  • She opposed the functionalists who believed that the Final Solution evolved as the war progressed.

    Lucy S. Dawidowicz.

  • They claim that the shared values which functionalists see as the glue holding society together donot really form a true consensus instead this is an artificial consensus in which the dominant groups or classes impose their values and rules upon the rest of the people.

    What is Conflict perspective in sociology

  • This claim was postulated in 1950s sociology by functionalists like Parsons when he claimed that institutions, like schooling and work, encouraged the adoption of certain values.

    Has Harris Done It Again?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • But neither alternative, for many functionalists, goes far enough to preserve the basic functionalist intuition that causal commonality trumps physical diversity in determining whether creatures can possess the same mental states.


  • As functionalists often put it, pain can be realized by different types of physical states in different kinds of creatures, or multiply realized.


  • A machine table of this sort describes the operation of a deterministic automaton, but most machine state functionalists


  • Some functionalists, however (e.g. Shoemaker 1984c), have suggested that if a creature has states that approximately realize our functional theories, or realize some more specific defining subset of the theory particularly relevant to the specification of those states, then they can qualify as being mental states of the same types as our own.


  • But it's unclear whether any such redescriptions are available to role (vs. realizer) functionalists.


  • Role functionalists identify pain with that higher-level relational property.


  • Other functionalists agree that we may advert to various norms of inference and action in attributing beliefs and desires to others, but deny that there is any in principle incompatibility between normative and empirical explanations.



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