fundamentalistic love



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  • adj. fundamentalist

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. of or relating to or tending toward fundamentalism


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  • By the same token, these studies undermine fundamentalistic readings of the Bible.

    Bishop Pierre Whalon: Jaw-Jaw Or War-War?

  • The Bill Rice Ranch guy struck me as hokey, even when I was seeking to be more fundamentalistic in high school.

    Multiple Choice « Unknowing

  • He is being fundamentalistic when he says “Columbia” and not Colombia.

    From the Annals of Science Fiction « Unknowing

  • Sighz...but I have no tolerance for fundamentalistic black & white, antithetical thinking.

    Om, Om, Om

  • They pointed out that verification in empirical science is cyclic and principally anti-fundamentalistic.

    Lvov-Warsaw School

  • The Greens are getting more and more fundamentalistic since they lost the counterweight of (the former pragmatic Green figurehead Joschka) Fischer's warnings.

    Q&A With FDP Leader Guido Westerwelle

  • Marxism as a means of government was practiced as a rigidly enforced dogma with no recall to evidence allowed, the complete anathema to the scientific method and bears all the hallmarks of a secular fundamentalistic religion.

    Teach the Controversy

  • The fundamentalistic wing associated with the continuance of polygamy began after it was prohibited by the Church.

    A Mormon View: Vanity Fair

  • Why cant you just accept that you are as fundamentalistic in your belief as the Christians are.

    Your Creation Museum Report « Whatever

  • NED seems to think that because we opposed an illegal and unjust war, based upon outright fabrications, and have settled for a theocratic and fundamentalistic rule in Iraq, that cost us so far 2000 lives, tens of thousands wounded, billions of dollars and lost credibility and respect, that we hate democracy.

    Think Progress » On a conference call


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