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  • v. Present participle of fungate.


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  • In the course of his testimony, Welner variously referred to radical Islam as "deviant," a "pathology," and a "passion;" he also analogized it to a "fungating tumor wrapped around an artery" that must be surgically removed.

    Jennifer Turner: Government Witness Claims Gitmo Radicalized Child Soldier

  • Many of the patients counted as “alive” had long been discharged to terminal-care facilities with advanced, fungating lesions of breast cancer, presumably to die, with no designated follow-up.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • Or had a woman show you her massive fungating breast cancer that she never sought care for, because she was uninsured, you'd change your mind.

    first, do no harm

  • On HPV, you can bet my daughter is getting the vaccine -- I keep thinking about this woman I saw in the ER a few years ago, in her early 30s, who came in confused and in kidney failure because of the giant fungating cervical cancer I found when I examined her.

    this won't hurt a bit

  • I was teeth-grittingly prepared to learn that you discovered some horrendous fungating mass in her vagina that used to be her cervix.

    Sometimes I Hate Being Good

  • Endotracheal and endobronchial malignancy ulcerate early, and are characterized by the bronchoscopic view of a bleeding mass of fungating tissue bathed in pus and secretion, usually foul.

    Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy A Manual of Peroral Endoscopy and Laryngeal Surgery

  • The final illness in cases of malignant disease of the upper jaw left to nature, or when it has recurred after operation, is a terrible one; the growth displaces and destroys the globe, blocks the nose and fungating on the face, causes hideous disfigurement.

    Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition.

  • The enlarged cervical glands later undergo softening, or suppurate and burst on the skin surface, forming fungating ulcers.

    Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition.

  • He also talked of Woody Allen and "fungating tumours" in metaphors describing the potential for Khadr's rehabilitation and reintegration into Western society. - Home Page

  • I'm talking about bleeding, ulcerating, fungating wounds that any child could tell are wrong.

    Medlogs - Recent stories


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