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  • n. Baseball A fly ball hit for fielding practice by a player who tosses the ball up and hits it on its way down with a long, thin, light bat.

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  • n. A fielding practice drill where a person hits fly balls intended to be caught.
  • n. A fungo bat.


Origin unknown.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • '' Then I got about 30 swings with the regular bat and it felt pretty much the same as swinging the fungo, which is obviously a good sign. '', who had surgery to repair a tendon in his right middle finger Aug. 14, visited his doctor in Arizona on Thursday and remains on schedule to return by late September. Top Stories RSS

  • They were hitting fungo balls out to him and he would miss them on purpose.

    A Really Quick Draw on Pop Culture

  • You can take a million ground balls off fungo bats during infield practice -- or a million swings off sore-armed coaches during batting practice -- but nothing can replicate game-speed.

    What's up with the awful defense?

  • Tracy spoke to reporters for four minutes, and as the crowd dispersed, he smacked base of the bench with a fungo bat and bit his lower lip.

    Rockies team president Keli McGregor dead at 48

  • Still decked out in street shoes and a three-piece suit, Diz shed his jacket, grabbed a fungo bat, and—with scores of photographers recording every antic and the Tigers pretending to be amused—sprayed line drives around Navin Field.

    Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert

  • In contrast to fungo it was widely familiar in Ruvu-speaking societies and may thus reflect its proto-Ruvu-era usage as medicine for children.

    Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE

  • Nyanja fungo "protective medicine for hunters." back

    Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE

  • " I ' d hit his dad in the back with a fungo bat, " said Rob Ryan, as if no other explanation was needed.

    There Aren

  • Lengthy stories were published about Mays taking infield practice, snaring ground balls hit so fast that “flames seem to be leaping from the seams,” and firing to home plate with such velocity that Durocher had to dive for safety, only to rise and “threaten the player with his fungo bat.”


  • As you came closer and were fingering for your ticket in your pocket, you could hear brave music from the loud-speakers, broken by the crack of a fungo bat, and through a space in the upper deck you caught a glimpse of grass, soft and incredibly green, in the outfield.



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