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  • n. One of a group of colorless, volatile, heterocyclic organic compounds containing a ring of four carbon atoms and one oxygen atom, obtained from wood oils and used in the synthesis of furfural and other organic compounds.
  • n. The simplest such compound, C4H4O. Also called furfuran.

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  • n. Any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds containing a ring of four carbon atoms and an oxygen atom; especially the simplest one, C4H4O.

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  • n. a colorless toxic flammable liquid used in the synthesis of nylon


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

fur(fural) + -an2.


  • More mutagens, called furan derivatives, are found in the onions.


  • Some facilities added as little as 4% TDF and experienced as much as a 4,140% increase in dioxin and furan emissions.

    Sustainable Design Update » Blog Archive » Tired of Misleading Language

  • The agency said that while irradiation of spinach and iceberg lettuce produces furan, a cancer-causing chemical, the level isn't high enough to cause concern.

    FDA Will Allow Food Companies

  • A few aromatic examples clockwise from top left: alcohol, sherry-like acetaldehyde, vinegary acetic acid, buttery diacetyl, fruity ethyl acetate, nutty furan, solvent-like benzene, and toasty maltol.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Furanodiene - a precursor of furan-containing sesquiterpenoids.

    Chapter 28

  • The aroma of coffee is, he found, composed of extremely complex substances, among which are derivatives of furan and pyrrole, and substances containing sulphur.

    Tadeus Reichstein - Biography

  • The company is developing an efficient, low-cost process to convert carbohydrates into furan-based products, which it calls Furanics, on the basis of novel chemical catalytic technology.www.

    D Mag - News

  • Labada qodob ee si gaar ah loo xusay waxay kala yihiin (a) in Ururka Islaamka xafiis ka furan doono Muqdishu si loo fuliyo gargaar bani aadamnimo ay ku baxayso 50 million doolar iyo (b) in la qabanqaabiyo shir caalami ah ee lagu taagerayo dib u kabashada iyo dib u dhiska Soomaliya.

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  • Processing it into mesitylene and 2-methyl furan is gonna cost money.


  • Avantium says that it has been able to find new and improved catalytic routes to specific furanics by using its catalytic process development platform for the conversion of carbohydrates (sugars) to furan derivatives.

    Green Car Congress


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