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  • n. kana printed next to or above a kanji or other characters to indicate their pronunciation:


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Japanese 振り仮名 (ふりがな)


  • The updates section of xxxHolic‘s site (scroll to 2010/1/18) says it’s “Kaza Nagi” 「風(かざ)なぎ」 – I haven’t learned the kanji 風 in my Japanese class yet, so I dunno if the furigana is a typo or what.

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  • In this case the hiragana characters are referred to as furigana or yomigana.

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  • Music: Somewhere in between… And then of course you have the practice of writing 極美 and giving it the furigana アイデアル.

    Néojaponisme » Blog Archive » Haters gonna hate: Mori Ogai on translation

  • As for scanlations, I don't usually like them much. o_o; I generally only read them if the manga I just bought has no furigana oh, I am too reliant on furigana for comprehension!

    Manga Before Flowers — Fanworks and How the Fan works | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • I'll post them, kanji and all, but with furigana so if you can read kana, you can read the lyrics.

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  • While the kanji might have been used as is, there's a chance that one might find furigana in some instances. KAMIKAZE.

  • However, the pronunciation of this kanji compound indicated as sensou by the furigana above it is also a homonym of the word for "war." SENSOU/RIVERRUN.

  • As for zhuyin fuhao ㄓㄨㄧㄣㄈㄩㄏㄠ, another argument in their favor is the convenient way they are used in editions of classical texts annotated for students, aka duben 讀本 (the most prestigious collection of this kind is the « turquoise-cover » one published by Sanmin shuju), just like Japanese furigana, i.e. with the transcription of each character on its left side (the text being in columns). SHIH SHIH.

  • All stories are written in full kanji with furigana to help those learning Japanese showcasing 18 different tales, occasional specials, omake ( "freebies") all done in a mixture of monochrome or color formats. 950+ pages a month -- a massive treat for manga collectors who want to stay on the bleeding edge of modern Japanese manga!

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  • Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth volume 2 is in full Japanese, without furigana to help learning readers.

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