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  • adj. With a lining made from fur.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fur +‎ lined


  • Lyzhin, sleepy and discontented, put on his felt overboots, his furlined coat, his cap and hood, and went out with the doctor.

    The Schoolmistress and other stories

  • Though this time he heard his own voice and knew that it was curt, though she was looking at him with wide-eyed reproach, he stumped into the hall, jerked on his ulster and furlined gloves, and went out to start the car.


  • She scanned the group—men in heavy collared winter coats and women in furlined capes, some with children tagging after them.


  • Still, he felt chilled and damp from a draft and pulled his purple, furlined mayor's robe up closer to his pointed chin.


  • Out on her own, she burrowed deep into a snowbank and made a snug little cave for her tent and her furlined bedroll.

    In the Hand of the Goddess

  • Her medicine bag, her sling, two pairs of foot coverings, leggings, hand coverings, a furlined wrap, a hood.

    The Clan of the Cave Bear

  • When Miss Isabella Stewart of New York went to Boston for the first time in 1858 to visit Miss Julia Gardner, a friend acquired at finishing school in Paris, she was taken driving in a furlined sleigh known as 'Cleopatra's Barge.'

    The Collector

  • I tucked a pillow under the sweater over my chest and made sure that my leggings clasped my furlined moccasins well.

    Over Prairie Trails

  • The door opened, and in the faint light of the dawning day Andreas appeared, drawing a furlined robe about his body, which was naked of all but a shirt.

    The Historical Nights' Entertainment First Series

  • At dinner he drank too much, and finished by dancing round the table in his great furlined boots.

    George Sand; Some Aspects of her Life and Writings


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