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  • n. A type of grape grown in Hungary, commonly used in tokays.
  • n. A wine made from this grape.


From Hungarian, from Middle French fromente ("a type of grape") (Wiktionary)


  • A blend of furmint grapes from various parcels of the Szepsy estate, this wine gives fragrant melon-type fruit with good weight but less concentration, minerality, and a less generous finish.www. Disznoko, Tokaji Dry Furmint, 2006

    Beyond Sweet

  • Black grapes of the clevener and portuguese varieties are pressed as in the Champagne, so as to yield a white must, with which a certain portion of white wine from the mosler or furmint grape is subsequently mingled.

    Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines

  • Pettau, Radkersburg, the Picherergebirge, and Luttenberg, the latter yielding the finest wine which Styria produces, vintaged from the mosler or furmint -- that is, the Tokay variety of grape.

    Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines

  • But furmint, the principal grape used in those dessert bottles, has lately been finding new life in dry wines of real distinction. - Latest Videos

  • This 2006 dry furmint from Royal Tokaji, the company co-founded by British wine writer Hugh - Latest Videos

  • When I still have so much to learn about Chianti, riesling, Rioja, Bordeaux, you name it, why would I want to turn my attention to dry furmint, to say nothing of harslevelu and juhfark?

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