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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a furnace.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

furnace +‎ -like


  • A furnacelike blast of heat hit Erec in the face when Jam opened the door.

    The Three Furies

  • He began at the bottom, as an iron caster, gulping salt water to retain body fluids in the furnacelike conditions.

    Sultan of the Steppes

  • Vincent had seen her life there, not just the all-too-common poverty of her home, or the furnacelike misery of her work at the tannery, or hard-baked and pitiless Urumchi itself, but the impossibility that any of it would ever change.

    Heaven Lake

  • Then more blue fire swept across the ridgetop, and Vestor threw himself to the ground, feeling the air turn furnacelike where he had been standing moments before.


  • When he unlocked the car, he fanned the door back and forth a couple of times to get rid of the furnacelike air inside.

    Counting Up, Counting Down

  • He could only breathe in the furnacelike air, and reflect absently on how odd it was that this part of town actually stank less than some better-off neighborhoods.

    Take A Thief

  • Where Karn arrived-this time without the disconcerting fall from the sky-the land was a cracked sheet of glass, sand fused in furnacelike heat.

    Time Streams

  • Malys opened her mouth a bit, just enough for her furnacelike breath to escape and wash over him.

    The Day of the Tempest

  • The pain that racked his ruined body seemed to have merged with the crimson glow that filled the furnacelike cavern, so that he floated in a blood-red sea of agony.

    Curse of the Shadowmage

  • Test plots are scattered across the arid northern half of the country, some of them sites with furnacelike heat, desiccating winds, blowing sand, and almost no rainfall.

    Chapter 13


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