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  • n. A name of the ferret; the technical specific name of Putorius furo. See ferret.


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  • Twenty-four hours afterward, passing the mouths of the Atacoari or Cocha -- or rather the _ "furo," _ or canal, which communicates with the lake of

    Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

  • Mas me parece que o "furo" do Noblat também furou a emissora que estava pronta para dar a notícia do vazamento do "dossiê" pelo Senador do PSDB.

    The New Market Machines

  • This pueblo considers the temazcal a national institution and with it they leave to other nations and cultures understanding the same spiritual feeling of the sauna baths in the Inapi culture or the Sweat Lodge of the native Americans, or the Japanese furo, the Arab hamam obligatory passage for the great events in life: birth, circumcision, and marriage in the Arab communities of north Africa, the Turkish bath.

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • Espera passar um tempo (cinco dias) e depois publica como se fosse furo deles.

    Brazil's Uncontacted Tribe Unleashes Enviro Controversy

  • The ferret is a domestic mammal of the type Mustela putorius furo.

    Ferret frenzy «

  • The pet ferret (Mustela putorias furo) was domesticated more than 500 years before the house cat.

    21 Amazing Facts About Nintendo

  • Mann explains, The trees closing over my head in the Amazon furo made me feel the presence of something beyond myself, an intuition shared by almost everyone who has walked in the woods alone.

    1491 by Charles C Mann: Questions

  • BoingBoing reader Bitey says, The scientific name for ferret, Mustela putorius furo, translates as 'little fur thief.'

    Boing Boing: August 15, 2004 - August 21, 2004 Archives

  • Atacoari or Cocha — or rather the “furo,” or canal, which communicates with the lake of Cabello-Cocha on the right bank — she put in at the rising ground of the mission of Cocha.

    Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

  • On the evening of the same day they left on the right the island of Baroso, formed by a furo of that name, and Lake Manaori, which is fed by a confused series of petty tributaries.

    Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon


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