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  • adj. well-worn, beat-up, piece of junk


From the Yiddish, one of several words Anglicized and popularized by the original writers of MAD Magazine. The word comes from shlogn ("to hit") with the prefix far- which often indicates the one so described is taking on the quality named. Thus, in Yiddish it means an old, battered piece of junk. (Wiktionary)


  • He handed out 3-D glasses for one portion of his presentation, involving pirates who couldn't see the 3-D effects themselves until they removed those furshlugginer eye patches!

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  • But what about words like furshlugginer, poiuyt, potrzebie, veeblefeltzer and axolotol?

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  • (where “This Thing In Your Book” = something coherent, thoughtful, and actually evidentiary of the fact that you read the furshlugginer book with something approximating attention.)

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  • Since I can't figure out how to change that furshlugginer "About" section (awww, c'mon ... the only



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