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  • adj. well-worn, beat-up, piece of junk


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From the Yiddish, one of several words Anglicized and popularized by the original writers of MAD Magazine. The word comes from shlogn ("to hit") with the prefix far- which often indicates the one so described is taking on the quality named. Thus, in Yiddish it means an old, battered piece of junk.


  • He handed out 3-D glasses for one portion of his presentation, involving pirates who couldn't see the 3-D effects themselves until they removed those furshlugginer eye patches!

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  • But what about words like furshlugginer, poiuyt, potrzebie, veeblefeltzer and axolotol?

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  • (where “This Thing In Your Book” = something coherent, thoughtful, and actually evidentiary of the fact that you read the furshlugginer book with something approximating attention.)

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  • Since I can't figure out how to change that furshlugginer "About" section (awww, c'mon ... the only



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