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  • n. a compartment containing the fuses or circuit breakers for a domestic electricity power supply


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  • Maybe ‘le garcon’ could get round to helping to “fix the dodgy starter sparkly, change the torch batteries and to seeing to whatever neeeds seeing to stop the fuses tripping in the fusebox” instead of boring you silly with his never ending monologues about his interminable poker games?

    words of wisdom

  • She put the key back under the tape where she found it, smoothed it over with her thumb several times, closed the fusebox, and readied the items the dentist had asked for.

    One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part I

  • Loretta knew that the dentist had a spare key to his apartment taped inside the door of the fusebox in the kitchenette just off Loretta's office.

    One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part I

  • But it does seem to leave the element and some of the metallic connection hardware exposed, which was what I was commenting on -- in even an old US fusebox, there's nothing electrically live normally exposed, and when you've removed a screw-in fuse what's exposed is like a light socket -- live, but you can't fit your elbow into it and it's pretty hard to even stick a finger into it by accident.

    Making Light: Open thread 137

  • When she leaves the stage, it's like a fusebox blowing: silence, darkness and a slight feeling of panic.

    End of the Rainbow; The Invisible Man – reviews

  • By the 'virtual console' near the fusebox, under the drive train is the policy widget shut-off valve. the label wore off; turn right to tighten, left to loosen.

    OpEdNews - Diary: policy replacement parts

  • And that idea of the flip-side becomes important because once we get comfortable with Nita and her loneliness, her grief we find out she has recently lost the husband/professor that she won, or stole from his first wife, and has just beaten cancer: for now, she discovers a young man at her door, "come to check the fusebox."

    The Quick Review: Alice Munro

  • I think the sex scene you needed is now in the fusebox… and I think I really should “ahem” dip my feather more often into your inkwell, deeeeeep purple… une pourprée royale.


  • I will be unable to update/moderate today as a gentleman is coming to, ahem, rewire my fusebox.


  • Verdict: looking on the bright side, R&J have unwittingly paid for the rewiring of my faulty electrics/fusebox.

    today, I


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