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  • n. Plural form of fusioneer.


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  • Many of these hobbyists call themselves "fusioneers," and have formed a loosely knit community that numbers more than 100 world-wide.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • Mr. Hull maintains a list of fusioneers, including Jon Rosenstiel, a 65-year-old retired mechanical engineer for motocross-racing teams, and Carl Willis, a 27-year-old doctoral student at Ohio State University, who keeps his fusor just a few feet from his bed.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • Though fusors don't produce any significant amount of radioactive waste, fusioneers say there is a danger of electrocution.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • Wilson got his start on, a website where nuclear hobbyists who call themselves "fusioneers" fill message boards on topics that would enthrall only the geekiest subset of society, like "So where can I get a deal on deuterium gas?"

  • He is the 38th independent physicist in the word to achieve nuclear fusion from a self-built reactor and forms part of a growing community of "fusioneers."

  • The quest to harness the power of the sun-without carbon emissions-has long attracted amateur fusioneers and straight hucksters. Top Stories

  • After she met Pete Gage, whom she went on to marry, she joined fusioneers Dada before forming Vinegar Joe with Gage and Robert Palmer, where she gained a reputation as the "wild woman" of rock 'n' roll due to her wild stage performances.

    WalesOnline - Home

  • The debut album from Reading electro-punks Does It Offend You Yeah? slots neatly into the slipstream behind fellow rave / rock fusioneers The Klaxons and Justice, an energetic splicing of bratty vocals, ribcage-quaking synthesisers, choppy rhythms -- and occasionally, a few ideas that are all their own.

    VeryCD - 电驴资源订阅

  • Any other examples of mainstream jazzers (i. e not fusioneers) slumming it?

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • NewMusicBox piece -- someone to whom the old ideological battles between avant-gardists and traditionalists, fusioneers and purists, etc., seem Previous MacArthurs given to jazz musicians have generally gone to critically respectable members of the avant-garde elite: Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Ken Vandermark, John Zorn, etc.

    Secret Society


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