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  • n. The theory or practice of forming coalitions, especially of political groups or factions.

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  • n. The political practice, principle or theory of forming groups, of fusion.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as fusion, 4.


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  • My own optimism about the potential for a “liberaltarian” fusionism is pretty limited, but not because I think Mike Gravel is a good test case.

    Gravel the Bellwether?

  • Then the fusionist has a problem on his hands if his main case for fusionism is that the market fosters virtue.


  • But as it stands, this particular defense of fusionism is superficial.


  • The conference centered on Meyer's political philosophy of "fusionism" -- a blend of libertarian politics and traditionalist conservative philosophy that helped shape the post-War conservative movement.

    Official Song of the Althouse/Goldberg Diavlog.

  • Bill Buckley embodied the idea of fusionism - of bringing together the different strains of conservatism.


  • Historians of conservatism should make this as central a part of their inquiries as how the exact equipoise of Buckleyan "fusionism" was eventually arrived at.

    Rick Perlstein: 'I Didn't Like Nixon Until Watergate': The Conservative Movement Now

  • In part 13, we considered the rise of conservative "fusionism" that was engineered by the late, William F. Buckley Jr. and his team in the late 50's and early 60's.

    Latest Articles

  • Interested readers might want to check out the Volokh Conspiracy's earlier extended discussion of "fusionism" (as the libertarian-conservative coalition was traditionally known) back in 2006.

    Libertarian Blog Place

  • Frank Meyer and 1960's National Review-style 'fusionism', I presume.

    Crooked Timber

  • To the stewards of his movement's public diplomacy—the editors and publishers, writers and producers, the bloggers and talking heads—Bill would say: Keep handy the metrics of fusionism and appreciate the vital contribution to our coalition made by each major strain of conservatism.

    Buckley, If Not God, Returns to Yale


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