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  • n. Plural form of fusionist.


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  • Well, during the last fiscal year, the "fusionists" employed two more inspectors than the Democrats had during the previous year.

    People's Party Hand-Book of Facts. Campaign of 1898.

  • They were only at work a few months of the year, and the total cost of the seven inspectors employed by the "fusionists" during the year was but $900 more than of the five inspectors employed by the Democrats during the previous year.

    People's Party Hand-Book of Facts. Campaign of 1898.

  • Thus it is seen that the "fusionists" collected $5,371.02 more than the Democrats during the comparative fiscal years and spent $30,125.54 less than they spent.

    People's Party Hand-Book of Facts. Campaign of 1898.

  • Clare has been hooked up with dancehall/hip-hop fusionists Major Lazer – Diplo & Switch – and tasty dancefloor disorder ensues.

    This week's new singles

  • Re: the remark you find “truly weird,” you have simply ignored the context in which it was made, which was a discussion about whether fusionists of the Meyer sort are right to think that libertarianism is, not only compatible with, but positively conducive to and maybe even required for, a society that fosters moral virtue (as traditional moralists would understand it).


  • In other words, the question I was addressing was whether there is, as some fusionists claim, a natural moral and philosophical harmony between libertarian politics and moral conservatism, not merely grounds for a contingent political alliance.


  • Some fusionists argue for their position on the grounds that (a) they think moral virtue, as traditionalists understand it, is a good thing and should be fostered, and (b) they also think that libertarian institutions, including a completely free market, are the best means to realize this end.


  • The difference is that the warmists have captured the controversy, while the fusionists have failed to do so.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » ClimateGate Updates

  • No matter the intention of the fusionists, all of us who have devoted much time and energy building an independent Green Party in states throughout the U.S. are left with the wreckage, and new options for the future will create their own challenges.

    The Third Party Project

  • TCO, before you claim this is all so easy and we are like cold-fusionists, tell us how many times you have published a paper that shows something contrary to what the big shots say.

    Unthreaded #17 « Climate Audit


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