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  • n. a celestial body that through self-gravity, is able to perform nuclear fusion within its core, at any point in its life. These include stars, stellar remnants, and brown dwarfs.


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  • Next big future points to a fusor project that is looking to generate positive energy normally impossible for fusor devices by also sending in a pressurized wave…pretty interesting, albeit complicated.

    A New Approach To Fusion « Tai-Chi Policy

  • Richard Hull In his home lab, Richard Hull sits in front of his current fusor, the fourth he's built since 1997.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • He built his own fusor in "literally 31 days," he says, and is now preparing to build his fifth.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • Mr. Sanns says his fusor isn't registered, but he studiously monitors radiation emissions and doesn't run it at high enough levels to generate x-rays that can penetrate its steel shell.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • Mr. Ligon brought with him a model of a fusor that he called "Dog and Pony Show I."

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • "Basically, it's almost like, over the gates of hell, 'Abandon hope all ye who enter,'" says Richard Hull, who built his first working fusor nearly a decade ago.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • A couple of years ago, when a Detroit-area high-school student named Thiago Olson built a fusor, the Michigan Department of Community Health contacted him to examine it.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • The department determined that Mr. Olson's fusor wasn't a "registerable radiation machine" and posed no hazard, according to a spokeswoman.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • Mr. Hull maintains a list of fusioneers, including Jon Rosenstiel, a 65-year-old retired mechanical engineer for motocross-racing teams, and Carl Willis, a 27-year-old doctoral student at Ohio State University, who keeps his fusor just a few feet from his bed.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

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