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  • n. Plural form of fusor.


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  • Called fusors and based on a 1960s design first developed by Philo T. Farnsworth, an inventor of television, the reactors are typically small steel spheres with wires and tubes sticking out and a glass window for looking inside.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • But they won't be powering homes anytime soon -- for now, fusors use far more energy than they produce.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • Though fusors don't produce any significant amount of radioactive waste, fusioneers say there is a danger of electrocution.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • There's another downside to building fusors, says Mr. Hull: "Many people have a knee-jerk reaction that if you've got anything nuclear, you're a possible terrorist."

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • They require special equipment to deliver that voltage, but because fusors run at a very low amperage, amateur devices can draw less power from the wall than a big plasma TV.

    Nuclear Ambitions: Amateur Scientists

  • When the more weighty concerns of Church doctrine had been settled, the pro - fusors turned their attention to a curious letter that had been sent from Antwerp, then as preeminent in trade as Salamanca was in learning.


  • That was why it had been trailed half a mile behind the ship: because fusors sometimes exploded.

    World of Ptavvs

  • Scaling up from low-level fusors as the electrostatic confinement systems are doing at least has the virtue of being economical, fast to evauate, and (of necessity) free of bureaucratic meddling.

    Cosmic Log

  • They're already getting fusion reactions, Gaetano ... for example, in these home-brewed Farnsworth fusors that hobbyists are building (and in the Bussard Wiffleball devices).

    Cosmic Log

  • "One thing they did, till we got wise, was to maneuver our shadow into their fusors.

    Passage at Arms


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