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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of fustigate.


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  • Mr. Santos's decision to comply with FARC's demands for the hostage releases was fustigated by his predecessor, former President Alvaro Uribe, who said that giving the guerrillas room would help them reinforce their operations.

    Colombia's FARC Releases Hostages

  • Democrats will be fighting a political fight as well as a moral one, which, and again the Roundup apologizes for its flagrant disregard for objectivity, is pretty goddamn refreshing after watching Democrats and liberals get fustigated with moral values over the past 6 years.

    Midterm Roundup

  • In opposition, Danny Williams fustigated for "joint management", whatever that means.

    Equalization: We'll huff and we'll puff...

  • High-rouged dames went once in jewels and spangles; now, instead of jewels, you may take the knitting-needles and leave the rouge: the rouge will gradually give place to natural brown, clean washed or even unwashed; and Demoiselle Theroigne herself get scandalously fustigated.

    The French Revolution

  • The female Jacobins, famed Tricoteuses with knitting-needles, take flight; are met at the doors by a Gilt Youthhood and 'mob of four thousand persons;' are hooted, flouted, hustled; fustigated, in a scandalous manner, cotillons retrousses; -- and vanish in mere hysterics.

    The French Revolution

  • (October Fifth), in Austrian prison, in Jacobin tribune, armed for insurrection (August Tenth), keeps her carriage, fustigated, insane.

    The French Revolution

  • But hey, if she had no access to guns and instead had just a rolling pin she could still have mass-fustigated people!

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • This service (port 80) is by far the most fustigated service in the honeypot.

    Planet Haskell

  • I recently saw an interview with a right-wing political figure who fustigated Obama for not coming down more clearly on Gaza "Even if it means throwing the traditional American one-President-at-a-time custom out the window".

    The News is - The News is Now Public

  • The ssh honeypot was fustigated during these 5 weeks.

    Planet Haskell


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