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  • n. Short for futanari..


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  • Back to the craziness, in his Altaic *tṓj- '4' and *ǯa- '8', we see that Starostin expected us to believe that the two just magically became Old Japanese yö- '4' and ya- '8' showing the same vowel harmony as in the fitö- '1'/futa- '2' pair.

    How to make a mockery of Proto-Japanese

  • One cruel fact is that Old Japanese mi- '3' is paired with mu- '6' because the entire native Japanese system is undeniably binary in nature OJap fitö- vs. futa- '1/2', mi- vs. mu- '3/6', yö- vs. ya- '4/8'.

    How NOT to reconstruct a protolanguage

  • Ok, I dislike the futa concept, therefor I naturally was almost predetermined to pick the anime.

    Anime Nano!

  • I'm a working emo with enough money to commission sh*t-tons of Touhou futa/yuri hentai doujins, buy anime goodies, and still have enough to pay my college tuition and the house bills~ Antenna

  • I have a very long list of Touhou futa/yuri doujins to commission after all ... Antenna

  • I'm just happy since I commissioned 66 Touhou futa/yuri doujins before I turned Antenna

  • I don't mind futa, as long as the proportions are still okay ... too huge penises quite turn me off ....

    Anime Nano!

  • Usually such images take the form of "yuri" pairings or single characters, but futa on futa is common, and futa on or with male is far from unknown. Antenna

  • Ironically though, I remember reading a futa doujin sometime back with characters having similar names, in a similar setting, with vaguely similar hairstyles.

    Anime Nano!

  • Of course, this is all fuzzy in my memory at the very least; since I don't religiously follow any well-known futa artists / circles aside from Askray and Harth Nir.

    Anime Nano!


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