futuristically love


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  • adv. In a futuristic manner


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  • Still, the futuristically compact, even squat visual design of some these eco-friendly vehicles does not spark much awe regarding their beauty, or personality.

    Vintage cars in a Mexico City museum

  • Malaysia already has used government funds in that effort: state-owned oil company Petroliam National Bhd., or Petronas, owns a luxury, "futuristically designed" (as the website puts it) 300-bed hospital in the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur, built two years ago in part to promote medical tourism.

    Face-Off Over Health Care

  • The iPad itself is a very good, futuristically looking device, one that I would be able to put to effective use, over just having an expensive toy.

    2010 May « worlds in a grain of sand

  • Stone Spring is another such novel, except that this one is set not futuristically but prehistorically, in the Mesolithic period.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • Priced at $199 (£129), the Mindset – from the futuristically named NeuroSky – is an EEG headset that comes bundled with its own game demo, NeuroBoy.

    3D games enter a new generation

  • Another extravagant and futuristically designed environmental undertaking, Masdar City is a "green community" already being constructed some 60 miles from Dubai and just outside of Abu Dhabi, Dubai's more conservative cousin (and the UAE capital).

    F. Kaid Benfield: Village Green: Meet Dubai, Vegas on Steroids

  • Remotely monitored labor camps, glop-filled-pod farms, or even a warren of underground corpse-to-cracker factories would all serve to futuristically warehouse the hopelessly destitute while shielding them from anyone selfish enough to document their condition.

    Ned Goldreyer: A Tale of Tent Cities

  • The focus on character customization in particular caught my eye-- the sequel is focused on four-player co-op in that strange, low-tech future-steampunk style shared by id's RAGE and certain anime it makes me think of Iria that always seemed to be on the Sci-Fi Channel when I was in high school for some reason, and allows each player to customize the appearance of their avatar's futuristically anachronistic wargear.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • That was the legendary art director and co-founder of New York magazine, Milton Glaser, speaking last night at The Society of Publication Designer's futuristically named SPD@FIT panel on New York's 40th Anniversary.

    Adam Moss, Milton Glaser Discuss 40 Years of <i>New York</i>'s Art Direction

  • Here is an ad for the Detailer Shower Tool that shows a man being treated like a car in a car wash cleaned by futuristically-attired women:



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