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  • n. Plural form of fuzzball.


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  • Every summer at farm fairs my seven-year-old coddles tiny fuzzballs chicks in her small palms and says "please Mom, can we get some."

    Tina Traster: Mother Hen's Day

  • As they sorted through the cardboard boxes of peeping brown fuzzballs, they had to make hundreds of gut-wrenching but pragmatic decisions.

    The Great Penguin Rescue

  • Missing the constant physical contact they once had with their parents, these little fuzzballs will often nuzzle up against their human caretakers for comfort and warmth; I guess in a storm, any port will do.

    The Great Penguin Rescue

  • Most of the chicks found that day, though, were tiny fuzzballs, a few days to a few weeks old; these younger chicks just had their original sparse coat of dark brown fluffy down and were still completely dependent upon their parents to shelter them from the elements and predators.

    The Great Penguin Rescue

  • Mom sits on one of the twin beds and starts obsessively picking at the fuzzballs on the ugly brown and pink floral patterned bedspread.


  • I count five little fuzzballs cuddled up next to her, sound asleep.

    Dear Pen Pal

  • I can see how Kaus' eyebrows could remind you of those cute little fuzzballs.

    Mickey Kaus asks "Does she know the guy?"

  • I'm just picturing cute little fuzzballs from the descriptions of them that I have seen.

    Day 3: Filming at Doune Castle

  • I haz a surprize taht teher nawt bi moar splorts wif dese froshus fuzzballs!

    SYNCHRONIZED SPAZ ATTACK - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Blue fuzzballs blow across the mat like cheerleading tumbleweeds.



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