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  • NOTA BENE EISWEIN by Moi bought my own newly-released book from Ahadada Books, Tokyo & Toronto, soon available at SPD -- go gO GO!

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Well, wait -- that's hardly unusual in poetry, is it? she notes mischievously...and soon available at SPD -- go gO GO!

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • To use Vanguard's Index funds as an example, we'd recommend putting 50 percent in the Total Stock Market fund, 80 percent into the Small Cap Stock Market, and divide the other gO percent between the European, Pacific and Emerging Market international funds.

    Guru To Baby Boomers: Stand By Your Stocks

  • Or if the GrEen hulk is goNa gO as D vIllaIn Dat wOuLD b Loki whus ConTrolling hIm to DefeaT d AveNgErs sPeciaLLy his bRother thOr oNce N for aLL.........

    Should Hulk Be The Villain In ‘The Avengers’? You Decide, Says Hulk Director » MTV Movies Blog

  • She wouldn't stay here, and for him to gO! live on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere would be professional suicide.

    Temporary Wife

  • When silicone tissue is metabolized, the carbon and hydrogen go to CO_ {2} and H_ {2} O, which are breathed out, while the silicone goes into SiO_ {2}, which is deposited as more teeth and armor.

    Uller Uprising

  • N£v£r hOLd aN¥Thing Or aN¥bOd¥ toO cLO$£ tO uR h£ArT tHAt wA¥ w£N iTz tiM£ tO L£t eM gO iT wONt hUrT $o bAd

    Stock Market Analysis at DeepMarket

  • But Brown is one of the best X's and O's coaches in the NBA, and he'd probably be a great fit in LA where he could go for one last title.

    LA Observed

  • OnlineSportsHandicapping. com Philadelphia Eagles Week .. easternpa iS wAtChiNG thE fOOtbAll gAMe, DaLLaS vs.PhiLLieS. gO DaLLaS! kiCk sOMe PhiLLie aSS!. lajollamom it is weird to watch Sunday night football so "late" at night. cliquekaila @RedlinCook Packing for #pubcon as I type.

    Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7

  • These five siblings really made a go of it after their parents died, despite the fact that they bickered and had no real parenting skills to speak of, not to mention a penchant for calling everyone by stupid short nicknames (O, Bay, etc.).

    NBC Philadelphia -


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