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  • n. the ancient court ritual music of Japan, of Chinese and Korean origin


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From Japanese 雅楽 (gagaku, literally "elegant (or noble) music")


  • They were both lovely, almost traditional pieces, but the highlight for me was Maja Ratkje's "gagaku variations" for accordion and string quartet, partly because of the Norwegian accordion soloist Frode Haltli.

    12th Other Minds Music Festival Part 1

  • What could be finer than sipping on a glass of wine as you ruminate over Jomon pottery or gagaku, or view a contemporary video?

    Links on the left » Japundit Blog

  • It included a performance of gagaku old Japanese court music and taiko drums and gongs.

    Matsuri Report » Japundit Blog

  • The lineup he's assembled embodies that dichotomy perfectly: it includes Ko Ishikawa, a member of the acclaimed gagaku ensemble Reigakusha who plays an ancient bamboo mouth organ called the sho, and Toshimaru Nakamura, an electroacoustic improviser who's worked with international heavies like Keith Rowe and John Butcher and specializes in manipulating feedback from a no-input mixing board.

    Chicago Reader

  • From this period until as late as the 12th century it was used in gagaku (court music). - Articles related to Culture of Hollywood Celebrities: Megan Fox reveals her scary diet, health, and fitness secrets

  • It begins at Hosshinmon-oji, the entrance to the precinct of Hongu Grand Shrine (that is, the dividing line between the mortal and divine worlds), where poetry parties, gagaku dancing, and other religious ceremonies to entertain deities were once carried out. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • Ikebana (floral art), noh theater, poetic calligraphy, and gagaku (the music of Japan's imperial court).


  • But Lion in the Grass, Columbia's bluegrass band, is one of three campus world music ensembles associated with the Department of Music, along with the klezmer and Japanese gagaku bands.

    Columbia Daily Spectator

  • There’s a page on gagaku, Imperial court music that largely originated in China more than a millenium ago, and is the world’s oldest unchanged musical form.

    Another world » Japundit Blog


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