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  • n. Plural form of gait.


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  • So off you go, at that most exhausting of gaits, which is for some reason adopted on these occasions by young and old alike – the country-house stroll.

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  • With regard to the representation of other "gaits" of the horse than that of the rapid gallop -- such as canter, trot, amble, rack, and walk -- I have no doubt that instantaneous photography can (and in practice does) furnish the painter with perfectly correct and at the same time useful and satisfactory poses of the horse's limbs.

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  • No complete study of the "gaits" of large animals other than the horse has been made, since menagerie specimens and menagerie conditions are not satisfactory for the purpose, and, unfortunately, it has not been possible as yet to take series of photographs of them in their wild conditions.

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  • Getty Images Australian researchers compared the hand preference of 19 boys and 11 girls with idiopathic toe-walking gait, and a control group of 16 boys and 14 girls with normal gaits.

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  • In between movements men and women alike walk on or off stage in their "street" gaits.

    Larissa Archer: Lines Ballet's Resin Breaks Down Ballet's Conventions

  • Horses have 4 natural gaits: the walk, trot, canter and gallop.

    Humans Evolved to Be Long-Distance Runners

  • They kept circling and eventually improved, smoothing their gaits, synching their arms.

    The Bird House

  • β€œAnd from five to seven gaits,” Graham took up lightly,


  • Then we start on the mega-high heeled shoes on some of the women walking by, their gaits resembling that of a wounded waterfowl.

    Jody Melto: The NYC to DC Bus Connection

  • We selected one-leggedhopping and backward running as experimental contrasts to forward running, and had seven athletic subjects complete progressivediscontinuous treadmill tests to failure to determine their top speeds in each of the three gaits.



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