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  • v. Galloping in a triumphant manner
  • v. Present participle of galumph.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky.


  • They dug their holes a few yards from the house and sometimes came quite to the back door, probably intending to call, but when we approached them their courage failed and they went "galumphing" back to their houses.

    Dwellers in Arcady The Story of an Abandoned Farm

  • To that end, maybe we'd all just prefer that advertisements assume that we are willowy creatures of mystery and grace, as opposed to normal sized people kind of galumphing about.


  • 'galumphing' of his horse, and that funny triangular fugue meant that the horse was lame in one leg and was going it on three.

    Old Fogy His Musical Opinions and Grotesques

  • And she does so in language that is routinely sublime; much of her prose jauntily gnaws on the page (Clinton "had not changed her name after marrying her big-pawed law school swain"; Rachel Maddow succeeded "thanks to a combination of brisk thinking and galumphing good cheer"), causing this reader to alternately grin and scurry to a dictionary.

    AJ Rossmiller: Brilliant New Book About Gender and 2008 Election

  • Coincidentally, when out for a woodsy walk this morning, my co-perambulator noticed a set of tracks in the snow and noted that they likely belonged to “something large, galumphing.”

    The Boat | Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

  • While Sahira continued to play push-me-pull-you with carefully unshaven Irishman Greg, Chrissie canoodled with galumphing babydaddy Sacha in full view of rectangle-headed ex Dan.

    World of Lather: a month in soap

  • But after intermission Maazel and the Philharmonic turned to Sibelius, which predictably got a thorough workout -- what with all the huffing and puffing, harumphing and galumphing of its broadly built themes, its grandly simple, architectural layout.

    Donna Perlmutter: Maazel to the Podium -- Still Collecting Orchestras

  • Maven cut out from the wall, riding his open gun across the hallway, galumphing up the carpeted stairs.


  • Unlike her pneumatic, bilious female counterparts on the right or her cocksure male colleagues, Maddow had succeeded not through bluster, but thanks to a combination of brisk thinking and galumphing good cheer.

    Big Girls Don’t Cry

  • He's got a big, galumphing six — foot five inch body and ham pink skin and a nose that bumps out in about four different places and an extraordinarily noticeable backside.

    Something Better Than This


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