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  • n. An instrument used to detect the presence and determine the direction of electric currents by the deflection of a magnetic needle.

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  • n. a device used to detect electric currents using the deflection of a magnetic needle

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  • n. An instrument or apparatus for detecting the presence of electrical currents, especially such as are of feeble intensity.

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  • n. An instrument for detecting the existence and direction of an electric current. A magnetic needle may be used as a galvanoscope.


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  • When the wire is wound many times round the needle on a bobbin, the whole forms what is called a galvanoscope, as shown in figure 30, where N is the needle and B the bobbin.

    The Story of Electricity

  • At this moment the circuit of the galvanoscope, K, is closed, and we ascertain whether there is a deviation of the needle.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 443, June 28, 1884

  • At the shore station, there is placed in deviation a galvanoscope, K, whose needle is deflected.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 443, June 28, 1884

  • -- With the third method (using the galvanoscope) it is necessary, in order to get a positively correct reading instrument, to follow an absolutely accurate plan in constructing each part, in every detail, and great care must be exercised, particularly in winding.

    Electricity for Boys

  • The galvanoscope and electro-magnet do not respond equally to all currents, and this is also true, even to a greater extent, with the calorimeter.

    Electricity for Boys

  • -- By having a coil of insulated wire, with a magnet suspended so as to turn freely within the coil, forming what is called a galvanoscope.

    Electricity for Boys

  • Ducretet's non-oscillating galvanometer, Sir William Thomson's amperemeters, voltameters, ohmmeters, and mhosmeters, constructed and exhibited by Breguet, and a new aperiodic galvanoscope of Mr. Maiche.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 441, June 14, 1884.

  • Here belongs also the ergograph, which gives the exact record of muscular work with all the influences of will and attention and fatigue, the automatograph which writes the involuntary movements, especially also the galvanoscope which may register the influence of ideas and emotions on the glands of the skin, and thus lead to an analysis of repressed mental states, and hundreds of other instruments which are used in the psychological laboratory.


  • In the French Atlantic cable no current can be detected by the most delicate galvanoscope at America for the first tenth of

    Heroes of the Telegraph

  • h, of each galvanoscope by threads, n n, which are kept taut by the fibers, o_ {1} o_ {2} o_ {3}, the springs, o, and the pins, o_ {4}.

    Scientific American, Volume 40, No. 13, March 29, 1879 A Weekly Journal of Practical Information, Art, Science, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Manufactures


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